Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Playroom, a safe space to dive deeper into the erotic world. This space is meant for you to share your experiences inside play, kink, sensuality, tantra, energetics, and other erotic explorations.As erotic educators, we practice Sensual Kink™, a method of engaging with BDSM that welcomes your most decadent, naughty fantasies within the sacred space of radical empathy and attunement. Within our beautiful, luxurious course, you will learn what is possible when intimacy, sensuality, and kink flow together.

Agreements for the Community & Details for Engagement


  1. This community is meant to be a safe, explorative, mostly unrestricted space for playful exploration, where all of you are welcome. However, in order to have a safe space and be conscious erotic explorers, we must also realize that our desires do not trump the safety and well-being of others. 

  2. In this community, you are not allowed to hit on, stalk, coerce, or continue the conversation without the consent of the individual. We do not allow you to “slide into the DMs” like it’s a dating site. We encourage individuals to report individuals and if you are reported to the Angels, they’ll investigate and remove you from the space and you won’t be allowed back in. We take safety very seriously.

  3. Part of Erotic Mastery is holding the balance between connecting to your needs, wants, desires, and boundaries while simultaneously being conscious and aware of the needs, wants, desires, and boundaries of your partner. This is an opportunity to practice integrating your erotic intelligence by connecting to your ability to attune to this community, helping us co-create an environment of respect, safety, and fun.  

  4. We uphold the values of self-awareness, attunement, and respect as paramount. We believe that each member’s journey begins with a deep understanding of their desires, boundaries, and vulnerabilities. Simultaneously, we encourage members to attune to the group via active listening and observation, recognizing the diverse cues and needs of fellow members. Through this, we foster an environment where open communication and empathy flourish. Above all, we insist on unwavering respect for every individual’s boundaries, ensuring a space where everyone feels valued and heard. 


  1. This community’s intention is to establish a culture of enthusiastic, informed consent. We encourage education around consent and plan to foster an environment where the power to withdraw or modify consent is revered and supported, reinforcing the agency of each individual. In this sanctuary of understanding and mutual respect, every community member can explore in a way that aligns with their values and find solace in the knowledge that they are embraced by a community dedicated to their well-being and satisfaction.
  2. Consent is a full, clear YES.
  3. NO means NO. 
  4. If it’s not a full, clear YES – it’s a NO
  5. If it’s a “maybe”, or an “I don’t know” – it’s a NO
  6. People can change their YES to a NO ANYTIME they wish. 
  7. People can withdraw their YES any time they want
  8. In this space we LOVE your NO’s and your “no’s” will always be accepted and celebrated. Remember, consent is the cornerstone of a thriving kink-focused community Because if we can trust your no – we can trust your yes! 

Attunement - Navigating Your Desires and Being Attuned to the Environment

  1. We believe attunement is the golden thread that weaves trust, pleasure, and safety, which gives opportunity for erotic growth. To attune to our fellow members is to embody an intention for profound understanding and respect. Begin with active listening, tuning in not only to words but to the subtleties of body language and energy. Create a culture of open dialogue, encouraging individuals to express desires, boundaries, and concerns without fear of judgment. Foster an environment where consent is paramount, ensuring that all interactions are built upon mutual agreement. Empower community members to check in with themselves and each other, to be attuned not only to their own needs but to the needs of others. We are here to cultivate a culture of continuous learning, where education on safety, boundaries, and consent is readily available. Creating a safe space for members to feel supported, understood, and respected by their fellow explorers.


  1. What happens in the playroom, stays in the playroom. To keep the privacy of our members, you are not allowed to share other people’s content, information, or stories with anyone – which means no screenshotting or downloading and sharing on your social media or other platforms. You cannot share anyone else’s content to hold the integrity of the container. 
  2. You are welcome to share content from Kimi on your pages with people on your feed, however, you are not allowed to redistribute as your own and always give credit to Kimi Inch or the &More Brand. (Caveat: Please do not share things that may get anyone in Instagram jail.) 
  3. We invite you to share your experience inside the playroom publicly with your social media followers. (In fact, we will have a program coming soon where you can refer and maybe get some swag or gifts!)


  1. We promote adult space as an important and empowering part of this community. While this group is only for adults over 18 years old – being an adult is more than just your age, it’s about self-responsibility and self-respect. 

  2. Please know this: no one can read your mind, and it’s even harder to “read” people when in an online space. We are all different and come from varied cultures and backgrounds. That’s why your voice is important in helping others meet your needs and respect your boundaries. Be direct and express clearly, For example: 

    1. If you need help- ask for it. 

    2. If you don’t understand something – ask for clarification.

    3. If you see something that doesn’t feel good in your body, say something

    4. If you don’t like something, it’s okay to pause and take space away to reconnect with yourself

  3. We celebrate you honoring and taking care of yourself. Be sure to continuously connect to your body, mind, and heart so that you are always in integrity with yourself. 

Being a Participant

  1. We want this space to feel safe, fun, and engaging, so while you do NOT have to post all your real info (because you value your privacy) and you prefer to be your alter ego, we do ask that you interact because we want this space to be a benefit to the collective knowledge and perspective of the group. We don’t want this to be another join-and-drop Facebook group you’ve been in. After 90 days of no interactions, you will be removed from the playroom and have to re-enter.

Ways to Play (How You Can Engage in the Community):

There is a lot of wisdom and knowledge in this collective, so let’s help other people expand and grow – rather than bombarding people with unconscious content that doesn’t serve the group, self, or safety of our erotic explorations.

Please remember: this is NOT another FetLife, Tumblr, or Feeld. This is a conscious, heart-centered community catering to those looking for an elevated experience with the erotic, kink, tantra, and sexuality.


We love your posts, pictures, and videos, but since this is a space for beginners and seasoned players, there will be NO: 

  • Pictures of exposed genitals or X-rated content (genitally or penetrative – mouth or otherwise).

  • Posting of “shock content” or anything that doesn’t have a context or a story. You can’t just post a picture, to post a photo. Let’s go beyond what’s on the surface and dive deeper!

    • Ex: If you’re a rope rigger and you want to share your work, we want to celebrate you – but please blur out genitals and you have to give context to what we are looking at and why you are sharing this. “This is my deepest fantasy, can anyone relate to that?” 

We do encourage you to:

  • Introduce yourself (or your alter ego), why you joined the Playroom, what you hope to get from this experience (or your erotic journey as a whole), and any experience you may want to share inside the erotic world. 

  • Engage throughout the week as you explore. Here are some engagement prompts to get you started:

    • “I’ve always been curious about X, does anyone have experience around it?” 

    • “My experience with conscious kink has been…” Then tell your story. 

    • “This is my deepest fantasy, can anyone relate to this?” 

  • Be direct about what you’re asking for. If you would like to receive feedback or coaching, say “I would like to receive your thoughts, coaching, or perspective” in order to give consent. If you’re just sharing and you want acknowledgement, to be seen and celebrated, say that, too.

  • We ask that you don’t provide unsolicited coaching or advice unless consent is given.


This space is explorative, and curious, and allows you to play around with new ideas. It’s information and exploration.

Sales & Promoting

  • We ask you not to promote sales of your events, except on our designated post, “Erotic Explorations”, which comes out on Mondays. Please note that anyone who promotes is not necessarily affiliated with &More unless we explicitly state it is. 

  • If you sell on the Erotic Explorations post on Monday, it is required that you share your story of how you got into this modality, why it’s impacted you, or what it opened up for you. 

  • This space is not for selling experiences, but new ways for people to play in safe, consensual, open-minded containers, so while we want you to be seen in an erotic exploration you love, we also want to know why it has impacted you before you post on the designated Monday sales post.