Mia Lux & Love: What Does it Really Mean to be Dominant in the Bedroom?

I loved chatting with Mia Lux from La Vette about true, embodied dominance and the depths of love that can be experienced through this power exchange.

Some of the things we discuss include…

  • How we can weave in psychology, somatics, tantra, and conscious practices into the art of dominance
  • The balanced power exchange between leaders and followers
  • What are the qualities of an embodied, healthy erotic leader?
  • Finding creativity and artistry through erotic collaboration
  • What are our deeper needs that create a desire to dominate and be dominated?
  • How can we use our own authentic energy to influence others?
  • The importance of attunement to connect deeply with ourselves and others
  • Aftercare and how to create an experience that is successful from beginning to end, and beyond

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