Unleash your

erotic energy

with our programs, events and more...

You get to be your own alchemist

through each exploration of your eros energy.

It’s time to embrace passion, explore intimacy, and experience more as you become an Erotic Leader in your own life and the world we live in.

in persona 4-day experience with kimi inch

something more

This in-person immersive experience with Kimi Inch, her Angels, and guest experts will allow you to dive deep into the art of effortless intimacy, sensual confidence and erotic communication.

Imagine what it will be like when you walk away with all your fantasies becoming a reality – being fully seen, accepted, and turned on as you move forward in life.

courseThe Irresistible Art of Verbal Seduction

talk dirty to me

Express yourself erotically without feeling self-conscious using language to deepen desire, anticipation, and pleasure with your partners!

This mini-course will show you how to make sure your dirty talk is the right match for you and the person you’re playing with, and in this erotically-inclusive way, you’ll refine your ability to use your voice as the key to unlocking all of your most kinky and sensual delights.


the conscious kink checklist

The Kink Checklist is a fun, practical way to start the conversation around exploring your desires, fantasies, limits and boundaries of yourself and your partner. With this clarity and understanding, you’ll both feel safer and excited to play.

When you download the Conscious Kink Checklist, you’ll also be added to our special email list – “The Erotic Underground” – where you’ll hear directly from Kimi Inch and the &More Team on topics only available in this sacred conscious space.

in-personbreak through the barriers in the playroom

Conscious Kink Journeys

Weave together the threads of sensuality and sophistication, for in the realm of conscious eroticism lies a profound path to self-discovery and fulfillment. Embarking upon this exquisite journey, one finds not only the pleasures of Conscious Kink, but a gateway to a more conscious existence in every facet of life.

Through Conscious Kink Journeys, we can open ourselves more fully to self knowledge and self love in order to explore the full spectrum of our sexual expression. 

courseThe Art of Effortless Intimacy


Let your hidden and forbidden desires come out to play with our beautiful luxurious course where you’ll discover what’s possible when intimacy, sensuality and kink flow together.

As erotic educators, we practice Sensual Kink™, a method of engaging with BDSM that welcomes your most decadent, naughty fantasies within the sacred space of radical empathy and attunement.

coursethe art of erotic leadership

dom(me) mastery©

Master the art of mind-melting dominance with pleasure and ease with this immersive live program.

It’s time to find and finesse your unique dominance style from a flow state and step into your seductive confidence… from the inside out.

Harness the irresistible strength of your inner Dom(me) and deliver pure ecstasy with world-renowned Dominatrix, Sensual Alchemist, and Erotic Leader, Kimi Inch.

free communitybe a rebel. come play.

the playroom

The Playroom is more than just a community; it’s a sanctuary of celebration, learning, and exploration. It is the place to be if you are ready for erotic expansion. When you step into The Playroom, you’ll be greeted with an energy that says, “Hey! Welcome!” We want every member to feel like royalty, celebrated for their courage to embark on this journey of curiosity and self-discovery.

in-person private coachingfor Individuals & Couples

The Evolved Erotic Soul

Go Deep - Get Results with Kimi Inch

This is for you if…

  • You are ready to experience the most delicious sex life possible.
  • You want to up-level every area of your life, going beyond just love and sex.
  • You want to completely revolutionize the way you feel about your body and your desires.
  • You want to step into the power of healthy leadership in the bedroom, in your career and beyond.
  • You’ve experienced some kind of traumatic sexual history and you’re ready to move past it and create fulfillment in your sexual relationships again.
  • You want to incorporate Conscious Kink and the Erotic in your work and bring this healing and empowering work to your clients
  • You know there is MORE to life and are ready to experience it fully while being supported every step of the way