The Amy Edwards Show: Be the Dom of Your Life!

Ready to be the Dom(me) of your own life?

Join me as I sit down with @realamyedwards to explore the connection between leadership and intimacy.

I tell Amy exactly how to use the tool of ‘erotic leadership’ to claim your own power and how it can then translate from the bedroom to your entire life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The art of dominance
  • The things in kink that can inform your entire life, like power dynamics, pain, and creativity
  • The different forms of power
  • What ‘erotic attunement’ is and its importance
  • Stories of how people have done this for themselves and opened up
  • Erotic self-leadership
  • How your relationships can change from doing this work
  • How to talk to your partner about these things if you’re curious and want to learn more
  • How not to settle for mediocrity
  • Our own medicine of Eros
  • Letting go of previous conditioning around power and dominance
  • Playing with concepts of leader and follower

“Kimi is so incredible and truly has helped me open up in so many ways. If this scares you, maybe you’re like me, and your kink– as she told me in this episode– is doing the things that scare you! Join me in doing her new free course next week.” ~ Amy Edwards

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